Back to the real world…

We enjoyed a pretty quiet, uneventful holiday weekend here at home. I haven’t felt the greatest the past couple of days, but it’s to be expected, so I was grateful to be able to be off work for quite a bit of the misery. More misery ahead tomorrow, but knowing is half the battle, right?

We rented a few movies and V (aka DH) had quite a bit of fun making his own console for his truck this weekend. He’s a true craftsman and comes up with the best ideas, things I could NEVER think of on my own. Several of the decorating ideas in our home and our first apartment were all him, I had nothing to do with them; these are usually the things we get the most compliments on. I realize that doesn’t say much for my own decorating abilities, but that’s OK – I’m a lucky girl to be able to bounce my ideas off him and have him come up with something much, much better.

In our first apartment, we spent a Saturday at a wholesale florist, buying some silk flowers and some home decorations. When we got home, he took what we’d purchased along with the leftover silk flowers and a few decorations from our wedding and made this great display above our kitchen cabinets. It was easily the best thing about our apartment. I hated having to take it down when we bought our house; I’d hoped we could recreate it in our new kitchen, but we haven’t yet.

In our current home, he came up with the brilliant idea of taking long wooden curtain rods and inserting them into bookshelf brackets, then gluing on those decorative moulding cubes/squares that have flowers in them; he stained everything and we painted the flowers to match the curtains I sewed. We plan to place a shelf above the curtain rod and I can put decorative items on it; just haven’t done it yet. When his aunt saw it, she begged him to come and do the same with a large window in her kitchen. He really has an eye for these things – I wish I had a smidge of his creativity. I’m the logical boring one; he’s the fun creative one.

His truck has been a work in progress the past few months as we’ve finally paid it off. He’s installed a sound system and a DVD player, and taken out the middle part of his seat so he’d have bucket seats and a place for his amp. This left no place to put drinks (not that he had it before) but just a huge empty space. So this weekend he built a box from scratch, lined it with carpet, put carpet in the truck, then made a padded top for the console and covered it with vinyl fabric. I’ll try to get pictures tomorrow, but now he has a place to put drinks, his CD binder, and anything else he has to take with him. The padded cover was mostly for me, he said, so I can take a nap on long drives.

He’s a keeper, that man of mine.

Today he drove 2.5 hours to Mississippi to see his family; I stayed home because I felt so bad. Wish I’d been able to go and see their new house; they were blessed to be able to purchase a home of their own after renting a home for 12 years. I’ve seen photos, but I can’t wait to see it in person and help his mom with it; I’m just so excited that she finally has a home of their own. It was really cool how God worked it out for them; the house was worth much more than they paid, and it was everything they’d been specifically praying for…it’s right across the street from their church, and big enough for them to house overseas missionaries when they are in town; V’s parents are missionaries with an international Christian school organization, and when the teachers come home for conferences, they are usually housed in employee’s or church member’s homes.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for both V and I…and neither of us is really looking forward to it. He has the worst end of the deal – it’s already 90 degrees here in AR and he has to work outside in it all day. It’s been one big wet blanket of humidity the past few days and I don’t think thats’ going to change any time soon…though it is raining right now and hopefully that will help instead of just make it worse. He’s really had a bad week – long story, but he didn’t get a job he was really hoping to get, one that he was basically told he had, and then in the end, he didn’t…though the guy that he just helped get a job at his current employer who also applied got hired on the spot – because he knew someone who worked there, and V didn’t. Just a very frustrating situation when we had to help the guy get his resume together and even submit it for him online; and he gets the job and V doesn’t, when V has more experience than him. We’re choosing to believe that God has something better for him, but tomorrow that will be hard to remember when you’re trying to keep from having a heatstroke, and knowing that the other guy is in an air conditioned shop, getting paid more than you.

V is headed to another possible place of employment sometime this week to fill out an application and hopefully he’ll be called in for an interview; this would actually be a better job as we think the shop is owned by Christians. I’m just praying for something else to open up very soon; I don’t want him to have to go thru another summer in the heat. He is a very hot natured person and can’t physically take it.

I’m headed back to another busy day at the office – really wish I had another three day weekend. I may just have to take one next weekend, or the weekend after – I think I’ll need a mental health day by then.

Knitting-wise, I went thru my projects on Ravelry today and marked several of them as either hibernating or frogged…I still have to do the actual frogging, but I’m trying to be ruthless in what I will actually knit and what is just not as interesting as it once was. The problem is that I have several other things on the needles that aren’t even in Ravelry, and they also need to be ruthlessly weeded out. I don’t even begin to know exactly how many UFO’s I have, but I’d guess close to 30, and that’s ridiculous. I’m hoping next weekend, or the following weekend, when I’m feeling better, I can go thru those projects, frog them and reskein the yarn, restock my needles, and take photos for Ravelry. I need to clear it out and clear my head in the process – just too many things on the needles, like I have too many things in my house that need to find homes elsewhere – I’m in major decluttering mode and I hope my house and V benefit from it.


Fun times…

Am I the only one that occasionally wonders if all the work that goes into setting up a blog is actually worth it? I know I’ll love it once I’m done, but right now – it’s a little overwhelming. Gotta say that with the existence of Ravelry I had to really think about even starting a blog – I mean, it has everything – I can log all my projects and details, post photos, join the forums and groups and be part of a community. But I do want a place I can direct friends and family to and an actual log of events in our lives…

Two weeks ago we had another near miss when we dodged a tornado that touched down less than a mile from our home, as the crow flies. I’d like to say we were the consummate informed storm watcher, who was set up in an interior room with a NOAA weather radio and a mattress for safety, but no – we were on the porch watching the storm go by…

I realize these aren’t the best photos, but I thought they were kind of cool. This is looking towards where the tornado actually touched down – we never saw the funnel cloud itself, but we did see a neon green flash when it hit a couple of transformers and heard it go by. Exciting, but not as exciting as the first one we dodged -we did see that one as it went back into the sky. I was on the phone, which went dead when the electricity went out, so I went to the window and saw the tornado just off to our west. By the time I’d run to the back door to get our outside dogs to come inside for safety, it was pretty much over. That one touched down just 1/2 mile down the street, and almost leveled a body shop that had just shoddily repaired one of our vehicles – proof that God has vengeance. 🙂
This is the damage the tornado did – a mobile home park was severely damaged and some trees were uprooted; a lumber yard sustained some damage, as did a car dealership. Fortunately no one lost their lives.

As for knitting, my current addiction to socks is still going strong. Today’s count is 2 completed pairs but that will change in the next half hour or so – I just need to finish the toe on sock #2 for my third pair. Then it’s on to the Embossed Leaves socks in a beautiful color of green – Dream in Color Spring Tickle, I believe. I only wish that meant I would only have one pair on the needles, but alas, that’s not even close to being true…I have a pair of plain black stockinette socks for DH, which he’s now asked to have toes – I don’t even begin to know how to do that one! – along with another plain stockinette pair, done Magic Loop style, in Berroco Comfort – I keep this pair in my purse for those short drives or standing in line; just about to start the heel flap on the first sock for that pair. And last I have a pair of Jaywalkers that is also just to the heel flap…I’m hoping to have all three pairs completed in the next month, because I have plenty more in the queue behind them. The plan is to stay busy knitting socks as I lose weight this summer, and then start knitting all the beautiful cardigans and sweaters I’m dying to knit…but in much smaller sizes that are currently needed. The money I’ll save on the smaller amounts of sweater-quantities of yarn will be spent on more sock yarn! It’s a win-win, all the way around!


the first time

so here we are, first post and like many before me, I’m not quite sure what to say. Guess I’ll start with the usual boring stuff and go from there.

I’m a fairly regular reader of blogs; I trend towards knitting, cooking, homemaking, and frugal ones, though I’ve been known to stray to some others from time to time. I’m a confirmed lurker on all of them; I’ve made probably a handful of posts in the two years I’ve been reading them. The main reason I lurk is because I didn’t have a blog of my own, a place to share my life, my crafts, my cooking, my views, my photos, my days. Now that I have a home computer with a stable internet connection (FINALLY, no more dial up!) AND a digital camera; now that I’ve joined the current century, I figured it was time to jump in with both feet.

First the name (pronounced like “sc-onion”) – my maiden name was Scallion, and this nickname was a big hit with the boys at church when I was a kid. Not sure where it actually originated, and I can’t say it’s used that often these days, but from time to time I hear it from my husband’s lips – he was one of those boys 20 years ago. 🙂 We grew up together, “went together” as 13-year-olds for a few weeks, and then began dating seriously a month after I graduated high school. Four years later we were engaged, two years after that we married. That was almost nine years ago, and it’s still just the two of us…well, and the four dogs we share our home and lives with.

Mr. Scunion is the most talented woodworker I’ve ever known, and he’s currently a kid in a candy store since he just purchased a long-awaited table saw. I’m almost as thrilled as he is -expect to see photos of his handiwork soon as he’s building some beautiful bookshelves in the coming weeks. It’s been fun to see how happy he is with this project…I’m hoping he continues to be so I can add more projects to the list!

I currently work in a marriage and family ministry as an executive assistant, and I love my job. Really I do. Except for the commute. Could do without that. Hopefully someday will do without that, either working from home, or maybe as a SAHM. That’s my dream job!

I’m addicted to knitting, have been since I started two years ago. I’m not a good finisher, though – I have tons of UFO’s, mostly sweaters that I haven’t finished, either knitting, or sewing, or both. I’ve now started knitting socks, which are much faster, but I still have five currently on the needles…I did mention I was addicted to knitting, right?