My love of cooking…

One of my goals for the year is to become a better cook and start using the many available resources I either own (cookbooks and magazines) or have access to, like my Cook’s Illustrated online membership.  I’ve had this online membership for the last two years, and its really a huge benefit. I can access how-to videos, some of them specific to a recipe they are featuring either online or in their magazine; I can browse the current magazine or past issues; and my absolute favorite feature is that I can save any of these videos, articles, or recipes online, and access them at anytime.

The only downside I’ve seen is that I’d love to be able to access the Cook’s Country website without having to pay to be a member also…or some sort of discount for being a member of both. But that’s just me being cheap/frugal. If you use the website(s) as much as I do, or want to, it’s totally worth the $19.95/year fee.

Other favorite sites (and free!) are All Recipes, MyRecipes and Taste of Home.


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