Getting organized…

So tonight A is off duck hunting, spending the night in MS at his parents, so I’m home watching movies, hopefully knitting at some point and thinking of all the things I need to do this weekend. Did some organizing to-do’s, like loading the Firefox morning coffee add-in, and programming some pages for it. Now I need to research Evernote and OneNote, and see how other people are using those two programs. Personally I love OneNote…it might have been the most important factor in buying MS Office Home and Student version last year. I love blank paper and blank notebooks, and it’s like an electronic version of the best possible spiral notebook you could ever create.

What I’m liking about Evernote is that you can access it anywhere…email notes to your notebook from your phone or work or whereever, and it’s added automatically. I could access files I need to work on at home by emailing them to my notebook from work, since I can’t log on to my network from home. This could really come in handy someday. And it’s free…there’s a limit on the amount of stuff you can upload each month, but I’m not even close to it at this point and my usage will probably never be more than the free amount. But if it was, I could easily afford the $6 a month for more storage space.

I really do need to become more organized…and I can always learn from others’ ideas and ways of using things like this.

Diary-wise today, I wanted to murder my dentist. I woke up at 6 AM with an excruciating earache. One of the teeth I had a root canal on a week and a half ago has been hurting for several days. I called them on Tuesday, but no one called me back, so I called again yesterday. They called in antibiotics, which I expected. But I did NOT expect the pain this morning…I’ve never had a tooth hurt like this after a root canal when it was supposedly not that infected when they did the procedure. So I called them first thing and told them it was hurting all the way up to my ear, and they basically told me oh well…they didn’t have time to look at it today, and to give the antibiotics 24 hours to work. This time I told them to call in some pain meds ’cause it’s Friday and I’m not going to wake up like this tomorrow. This was at 7:45 AM…they finally called them in at 1:15 PM. And thank goodness, because the tooth is still hurting. I’m hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling much better. I’d wanted to leave work early today and just go home and load up on meds and get some rest, but I sucked it up and stayed. That 7 hours of overtime this week will come in handy the end of the month.


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