Getting the hang of this…

So it’s only been a little over a week since my last post…I’m finally getting the hang of this posting thing. (insert stupid joke here).

It is almost 9 PM here in central AR, and it’s 83 degrees. It’s barely June, and its already miserable. We were trying desperately to not have to turn on the A/C in the living room/kitchen/great room until at least June, but we really didn’t make it; we turned it on over the holiday weekend for a few days. Since it in effect triples our electric bill, I think this year we’re going to try to just turn it on during the day, and turn it off at night. As long as I remember to turn them (they are window units) on before I leave for work, they shouldn’t have to work too hard to cool it off; and since they don’t ever turn themselves off, that’s quite a bit of electricity that we’ll be saving…which means we can just put it in our gas tank. Prices here have reached $3.75/gallon in our area, and in some places I’ve seen it as high as $3.84.

Just this morning, I realized that we are within $100 of spending the same amount of money on gas that we pay for our house payment. Ridiculous. I really hate to do it, but I think I’m going to have to consider looking for a job closer to home. At this point, I could afford to take a bit of a pay cut and it wouldn’t make a difference; in fact, it might help. If V gets either of the jobs he’s hoping to get, he will be driving farther, and we’ll be spending even more than we do now; unless he gets the job he was initially turned down for – then he’ll be carpooling with a couple of other guys, and we’ll actually save money.

The story there (on the job) is that he applied again for two different positions within the company and they called him to come to a job fair on Saturday for an interview. I’m praying fervently he gets the job; it’s a no-pressure, take-your-time kind of position that is PERFECT for him. He went to a separate company today and filled out an application – hopefully he will get a phone call back to come in for an interview sometime soon. He knows someone who works there, and got a chance to speak to him today. The guy told him that if he’d come in last week, he’d probably have been hired on the spot. But things have slowed down now, so he said he’d call him if something came up, and he put his name on V’s application. The only thing that concerns me about that job (besides the long drive) is that V found today they use the computer for most everything…and V doesn’t have a lot of experience with computers. Web surfing is pretty much it for him, so I don’t know how well that would work out. But God is in control and has a plan and He will work it out for the best for him. I just pray it is SOON, because the heat is just too much for him these days.

As for knitting, I’ve been working on about five different projects that I haven’t touched for a REALLY long time – the On Deck Pullover, the Zig Zag pullover, and three different socks – jaywalkers, simple stockinette socks, and the embossed leaves socks from Interweave’s Favorite Socks book (all Ravelry links). I think I’ve finally come to accept the obvious – I’m a process knitter. I don’t think it matters much to me if I actually finish anything, though I’d love to have some of the many, many projects I have long admired and that are currently on the needles; but I just love to knit, and no day is really complete without it at this point.

Now if only I could apply the same discipline to my spiritual life and my physical fitness, life would be almost perfect. 🙂