Fun times…

Am I the only one that occasionally wonders if all the work that goes into setting up a blog is actually worth it? I know I’ll love it once I’m done, but right now – it’s a little overwhelming. Gotta say that with the existence of Ravelry I had to really think about even starting a blog – I mean, it has everything – I can log all my projects and details, post photos, join the forums and groups and be part of a community. But I do want a place I can direct friends and family to and an actual log of events in our lives…

Two weeks ago we had another near miss when we dodged a tornado that touched down less than a mile from our home, as the crow flies. I’d like to say we were the consummate informed storm watcher, who was set up in an interior room with a NOAA weather radio and a mattress for safety, but no – we were on the porch watching the storm go by…

I realize these aren’t the best photos, but I thought they were kind of cool. This is looking towards where the tornado actually touched down – we never saw the funnel cloud itself, but we did see a neon green flash when it hit a couple of transformers and heard it go by. Exciting, but not as exciting as the first one we dodged -we did see that one as it went back into the sky. I was on the phone, which went dead when the electricity went out, so I went to the window and saw the tornado just off to our west. By the time I’d run to the back door to get our outside dogs to come inside for safety, it was pretty much over. That one touched down just 1/2 mile down the street, and almost leveled a body shop that had just shoddily repaired one of our vehicles – proof that God has vengeance. 🙂
This is the damage the tornado did – a mobile home park was severely damaged and some trees were uprooted; a lumber yard sustained some damage, as did a car dealership. Fortunately no one lost their lives.

As for knitting, my current addiction to socks is still going strong. Today’s count is 2 completed pairs but that will change in the next half hour or so – I just need to finish the toe on sock #2 for my third pair. Then it’s on to the Embossed Leaves socks in a beautiful color of green – Dream in Color Spring Tickle, I believe. I only wish that meant I would only have one pair on the needles, but alas, that’s not even close to being true…I have a pair of plain black stockinette socks for DH, which he’s now asked to have toes – I don’t even begin to know how to do that one! – along with another plain stockinette pair, done Magic Loop style, in Berroco Comfort – I keep this pair in my purse for those short drives or standing in line; just about to start the heel flap on the first sock for that pair. And last I have a pair of Jaywalkers that is also just to the heel flap…I’m hoping to have all three pairs completed in the next month, because I have plenty more in the queue behind them. The plan is to stay busy knitting socks as I lose weight this summer, and then start knitting all the beautiful cardigans and sweaters I’m dying to knit…but in much smaller sizes that are currently needed. The money I’ll save on the smaller amounts of sweater-quantities of yarn will be spent on more sock yarn! It’s a win-win, all the way around!



One thought on “Fun times…

  1. Thanks for the book offer – and since that’s exactly where I am – I’ll gladly be blessed by your generous offer! I’ll email you ASAP. Oh – and welcome to the blogging world – link up to your site coming up 🙂

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