the first time

so here we are, first post and like many before me, I’m not quite sure what to say. Guess I’ll start with the usual boring stuff and go from there.

I’m a fairly regular reader of blogs; I trend towards knitting, cooking, homemaking, and frugal ones, though I’ve been known to stray to some others from time to time. I’m a confirmed lurker on all of them; I’ve made probably a handful of posts in the two years I’ve been reading them. The main reason I lurk is because I didn’t have a blog of my own, a place to share my life, my crafts, my cooking, my views, my photos, my days. Now that I have a home computer with a stable internet connection (FINALLY, no more dial up!) AND a digital camera; now that I’ve joined the current century, I figured it was time to jump in with both feet.

First the name (pronounced like “sc-onion”) – my maiden name was Scallion, and this nickname was a big hit with the boys at church when I was a kid. Not sure where it actually originated, and I can’t say it’s used that often these days, but from time to time I hear it from my husband’s lips – he was one of those boys 20 years ago. 🙂 We grew up together, “went together” as 13-year-olds for a few weeks, and then began dating seriously a month after I graduated high school. Four years later we were engaged, two years after that we married. That was almost nine years ago, and it’s still just the two of us…well, and the four dogs we share our home and lives with.

Mr. Scunion is the most talented woodworker I’ve ever known, and he’s currently a kid in a candy store since he just purchased a long-awaited table saw. I’m almost as thrilled as he is -expect to see photos of his handiwork soon as he’s building some beautiful bookshelves in the coming weeks. It’s been fun to see how happy he is with this project…I’m hoping he continues to be so I can add more projects to the list!

I currently work in a marriage and family ministry as an executive assistant, and I love my job. Really I do. Except for the commute. Could do without that. Hopefully someday will do without that, either working from home, or maybe as a SAHM. That’s my dream job!

I’m addicted to knitting, have been since I started two years ago. I’m not a good finisher, though – I have tons of UFO’s, mostly sweaters that I haven’t finished, either knitting, or sewing, or both. I’ve now started knitting socks, which are much faster, but I still have five currently on the needles…I did mention I was addicted to knitting, right?


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